Defluoridation equipment for drinking water
  • Excellent in water purification

1.Principle of operation
The study on treatment of fluoride-Containing water becomes more and more these 20 to 30 years. The research of basic theory and
defluoridationtechnology had evolved. Until now, there are adsorption method, electrodialysis method, reverse
osmosis, ion exchange method, chemical precipitation method and coagulation sedimentation method, etc. Adsorption method is considered as the main method of all of them.
Defluoridation equipment
use the adsorption technology whose core is NEWDEF.Because the performance of NEWDEF is better than activated alumina and zeolite.In addition the bulk density is high,so the volume of equipment can be greatlyreduced and the cost can be saved so much.
2.Process flow

3.Basic configuration(raw water 2mg/L)

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