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  • To make water clean

NEWDEF series defluoridation material is a kind of fluoride removal material based on HAP, which is a core fluoride removal technology invented and exclusive produced by Xuzhou Zhuoyuan Water Technology Co., Ltd. We hold all the intellectual property rights of this technology. Recently we have noticed there are some domestic companies selling inferior products but illegally claiming to be our products. The fake products have confusing similar appearance as our product while the capacity is only about 15% of NEWDEF.

Please be careful to identify the fake products when inquiring to avoid any loses may caused by purchasing the inferior products. 

Currently we are providing high, medium, and low grade products of different prices as well as customizing service to meet different demands of customers.  Welcome the friends who are committed to defluoridation to inquire and contact about test. We will provide professional defluoridation solutions.

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