• Fluoride's out, Science's in

Core Technology

Zhuoyuan NEWDEF®  is a new high efficiency drinking-water defluoridation media which learns experiences from the high capacity of hydroxyapatite defluoridation and high strength of activated alumina. It can remove the  fluoride in water efficiently with the easiest and the most reasonable way. The efficiency is more than 95% of others. It can maintain high efficiency for a long time. The beneficial minerals can stay in water. It doesn’t affect the taste of water. At the same time, we have solved the problems of other defluoridation medias such as the decay is too fast after regeneration,the life is short. The cost is lower with our technology.

NEWDEF® has 10 years’ history from 2005. We had developed four generations of defluoridation products. Every product has promoted by our scientists’ research and development. It has gotten good effect in using in many districts all over China. It has exerted technical values and gained lots of recognition. We are improving details and contributing to the health of human drinking water.