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What is Fluorine?

Fluorine is an important trace element in the human body. The fluoride ion is widely distributed in nature. Fluorine is indispensable components of teeth and bones and small amount of fluorine can promote tooth enamel of bacteria acidic corrosion resistance, prevent dental caries. But if you overload excessive fluoride for a long-term,you can have dental fluorosis and skeletal fluorosis. If it’s serious it can cause bone deformation,  paralysis, even losing work ability. Therefore, the health standards for drinking water’s fluoride content is less than 1.0mg/L.
Pay attention to fluorine pollution.

Fluoride pollution in drinking water mainly comes from the earth's geological structure, which is a serious problem in the world. According to a report which is Fluoride in Drinking-Water of the World Health Organization, there are more than 28 countries in the world have different levels of fluoride excess, mainly in China, India, Spain, Argentina, Brazil, Kenya, Tanzania, Canada and other countries. China and India are  the most polluted areas. Except Shanghai, other provinces and cities in China have found the problem of fluoride excess in drinking water , especially in northern areas of lack of water resources. More than 70% of the population in India is in the high fluoride area.

To address this problem, our scientists team began to research new type of defluoridation medias from 2005. They invented patent technology of defluoridation and got great advance in defluoridation of drinking water.